Monday, August 11, 2008

indulge me


  1. you are so adorable! i love this idea and you are so good on camera - i would be a dork!

    josie is so stinkin' cute! fun day doing the pottery painting.

    thanks for introducing us to mama holly in real life- yeah!

    your big kids are going to love their care package - how sweet!

    so fun, can't wait for more video blogging!

    btw - love love love that large frame behind you at the end with pics in it :o)

  2. ha ha ha ha!!

    you realize not many people know what tuolumne is or how to spell it.

    i think that is right. if it is, it was on my first try. =)

    i really like your vloging week! Can't wait. =)

  3. oh and good job on the no ice cream...

  4. You are cracking me up right now!! Thanks for bringing humor and laughter to my Tuesday morning! :)

  5. No ice cream! Self Control? While you and Momma Holly behave yourself, Josie can come over to my house and eat ice cream with the oinkers at the Schneiderweb.
    BTW - we may need that footage - I think big E goofed with the video.

  6. oh my gosh what will you think of next! i wish i had half of your creativity.

    I'm so blessed to be your mama holly