Friday, August 29, 2008

life swap!

We are life swapping with my sis-in-law for the weekend.

While she and her family are vacationing for the Labor Day holiday in our mountain community, We will be staying at their house in S.L.O.

S.L.O. (San Luis Obispo) is an active college town, with a great downtown for shopping. S.L.O. is just minuets from the coast, and minuets from beach fun!
It is also a short drive to Cambria (my favorite coastal town).

The great thing about the weekend get away is that our accomidations are FREE!

The best thing about the weekend is that we get to be together.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

Hey, even if it includes staying home and mowing the lawn i want to know (that's what we usually do)!!

this is just a funny picture of lindsey and i! i had to include it.


  1. Off to experience the Gold Rush of CALI. This Saturday,downtown Sacramento will be filled with dirt, stagecoaches, gun fights and loose women. I don't know why I said loose women. I blame that on Hollywood.
    Sunday: Church, nap, eat, football
    Monday: School, yes school. Labor on labor day, half-day anyway.*CRACK*
    Cracking the whip early in the year.

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  3. Friday: Tonight we went to Target, Decorator Warehouse, Books a Million, Wal-Mart and then to Little Ceasars for pizza to bring home.
    Tomorrow: work outside, play with kids outside, then come in to put aloe on the sunburn I will get from being outside all day
    Sunday: Church -eat- church again

    Lat but not least Monday: we will play outside (maybe the park) and be glad that Lake is out of school for the day

    I am looking at my list and it stinks compared to yours! There is no beach, no shopping, and no fun in mine - dern.

  4. This afternoon, I polished furniture, nagged my kids about cleaning their rooms and have dry itchy hands from cleaning.. well.. instead of the usual so-so. I've got company coming. Then on Tuesday, I've got more company coming. Then, I will have the backed up laundry to do, more towels, sheets and a trip to the grocery store. My food will be gone. The rest of the weekend, I'll be enjoying PEOPLE! That's the good part!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved visiting yours. You have such a sweet family with some of the most beautiful children I've ever seen (seriously!).

  6. Friday night was date night, Saturday was breakfast out, a little work on our mural at church, and then home to organize for HUGE garage sale. Sunday was church and more organizing. The Monday, after coffee and a walk with friends, we're having a little birthday BBQ for moi!

    Happy Labor Day!

  7. have fun! we love love love slo and cambria and avila!

  8. That sounds like a lot of fun. I would LOVE to be minutes from the coast, any coast, right now!

    We are going to my in-laws for a very belated visit. Nothing exciting. These days "doing nothing" sounds exciting to me, because it's rare!

    Enjoy your freebie!

  9. We are up with Linds, in Bass Lake! It's sooooo pretty here - I don't want to leave - do you have any extra room on that land of yours :)

  10. Hope you are having a fun, fun time! Loved reading your post about starting schooling & seeing your darling pictures of your kids. Labor Day weekend for me....Working on my house, cleaning, buying a new kitchen table, & spending a day in the mountains.

  11. what a super great idea - love it!

    We spent Thursday-Saturday am at a cabin in the mountains on the river with some friends. so much fun. Then we spent Saturday to Sunday late afternoon in McCall, Idaho with our neighbors staying at a condo. Now trying to get unpacked and organized for the school week - so hard to get back in the swing of things.