Friday, August 15, 2008

Together again, and Denise masters dorkiness with Sylvia & the karaoke

so we picked the kids up from camp today, and as it is video blogging week i had the camera in hand, getting GREAT footage of us driving up, and being greeted by about 60 staff, SHOUTING and CHEERING as we arrived!! What a way to be WELCOMED! you really would have enjoyed it, IF i had pressed record.

this ends my video blogging week. i would love to see you in a video blog!


  1. i am feeling pressure to do a video blog...

    so glad you are reunited with your kiddos - i got a little weepy watching it.

    new washer and dryer - fabulous!

    karaoke- you rock sista!!

    thank you for doing the video blog - i have looked forward to your videos each day. i am going to miss your videos

  2. As one of "the people" I thoroughly enjoyed that! You are so cute. Seriously. Cute!

  3. Totally fun! The perfect way to spend a Friday night in Oakhurst-next stop...The Jade!