Tuesday, August 12, 2008



  1. I am loving the video blog. Neat place you went to - lots of chickens - are you sure you werent in Tennessee???? hahahaWe have a lot of places like that around here.

  2. i love this - so fun!

    i have a blender neighbor - pop on over for some margaritas :o)

    i hope you get your van back with AC - bummer! our cars AC went out the summer I was pregnant with Morgan - not fun.

    I love the guitar - way to go! Can't wait to see and hear more.

  3. i'm video blogging right now, i'll have to call you back...

    who was it???

  4. sarah,
    thankfully it was a friend who is very aware of my quirkiness.
    i wanted to cut it from the post, but michael thought it had to be added.

    blended with salt! i'll bring the chips and salsa (i make great salsa).

  5. Nice guitar, Denise! :) I've been learning on and off for a while, but I'm not very good! If I lived near you I could teach you everything I know... that would take about 30 minutes!

  6. Okay - I just decided - I need to have another baby just so I can name her Josie Jones! That IS the CUTEST name in the world! (don't know why I didn't connect those dots previously) SHE is so cute. Can you blog more of Josie pluuuhheeeaase? Do you think Josie Jones Schneider has a nice ring to it?
    PS - they need to name the rooster Chanticleer...

  7. OOhhh. Nice A chord. Come on over to my blog and see the D and A chord in smooth accompaniment. oops did I spell that right?