Thursday, September 11, 2008

in "vest" ed

the vest is back! and i am thrilled.

this vest is vintage, retro 1989. uh huh, i wore it in high school. however, back then i had to steal it from my sister's closet. some years ago i snagged it from her, and i have been saving it, waiting for the vest to make a comeback.

uh huh, i like vests. i am always sad when they aren't trendy, i anxiously wait till i see any sign of their return. i saw the sign, and got mine out!

btw- in case you didn't know vests are perfect concert wear. i have seen steven curtis chapman, michael w. smith, d.c. talk, brian duncan, kim boyce, michael damian, jefferson airplane (or was it starship? the one that "built this city on rock & roll"), geoff morre... and some others, while wearing a vest.

and here is a question, at what point is something considered "vintage?" and another question, at what point is something considered "retro?"
i just want to know so i can get away with wearing something ridiculous, call it "vintage" or "retro" and then it's all good.

i do think i need to update this good ol' vest. maybe peel off the fake flowers and apply some of these from the pleated poppy. wouldn't that be CUTE!

i also think that since i am promoting the pleated poppy on my blog i should get some kick backs. lindsey???

what item of clothing do you want to see make a comeback?


  1. The sweater clip! See my post for Vintage Thingies Thursday... Great vest, btw. No reason that you shouldn't wear what brings you joy!

  2. vest or, waistcoats as they call them over here in england, have been on the rise for about a year or so. you are very on trend by pulling that vest out of the closet. i agree that you need to pull those old flowers off and wear it plain or with one of lindsey's flowers. also, i think that anything from the 80's would be considered retro, but don't quote me on that. love you!

  3. you NEED to rip off the fake flowers. thanks for the promoting - what colors do you want?

  4. The VEST - how fun! I don't know if I will wear one again, but maybe if I find one I really like!

    You brought up some of my fave concert memories! Kim, wonder whatever happened to her - used to love listening to her stuff.

  5. I used to wear vests all the time. I'm pretty sure I still have at least 2 way up high in my closet.

    I like your vest and it would look really cute with some of Lindsey's flowers.

    I like 50's style dresses... no not poodle skirt stuff, but the full skirts and fitted waists and all that.

  6. lindsey,
    surprise me!

    jerri lynn,
    "sing and dance now, wooah woah woo oh oh." i was pulled up on stage to sing with kim boyce while wearing a snazy vest!

    i too love 50's style dresses, full skirts, fitted waist, and add to it a boat-neck collar.
    i have a bright pink one that i found 4 yrs ago at everybody's favorite store- target.
    it is a classic style!

  7. I'm with you and in fact purchased a vest last year and realized as a male not living in CA, it may have been premature... I'm wearing it this year though!! I would expect to see you hubby sporting one shortly:)

  8. anonymous, you will NEVER see my hubby wearing a vest.

    i'm lucky i ever got the man to stop wearing flannel.

  9. Sister!!! I love the vest! Is it relly back? Because in the back of my upstairs closet is a collection of every kind of vest!! While the vest would be my first choice (ask anyone who knew me in the hay day of vests) my second choice would be the rugby shirt for women....remember those (I had several - my fav was by Coca Cola)---thanks for the info on the vest comeback.....

  10. jennifer, your totally's retro 80's. your so with it!

  11. i remember the vest, and i think taking any of the flowers off would be like taking music out of" Footloose" but what do i know, i like preschool dresses!

  12. appears that I am not the only male keeping up with the Joneses. I am, however, the only one brave enough to do it under my real name. . .

    And I applaud Michael...I'd never wear a vest either. As a matter of fact, Ginger & I had a shared experience from many, many years ago when she was dating a vest-wearer. I'll tell you all about in a few weeks at El Cid.

  13. Denise, I laughed when I read this because I had just read this:
    from another blog. Read it, you'll chuckle!!

    I think it's cute.

  14. hummm....vintage vs. retro,
    vest, from 80's-retro,a 50's dress can be either it just dempends on the color, fabric texture, and all around style of the item clothing. But, I have seen your pink dress and would say its probably more retro than vintage. But, I'm not an expert on this, so don't take my word for it!

    I like clothes from the 50's, all the way up to 2008, with the exception of 2000-2003. I hope leggings w/sneakers make a come back soooooon while the pair that is hidding in my dresser drawer still fits me!

  15. I agree! Some of her flower pins would be super cute on your vest. They would spruce it up a bit :)

  16. i am really hoping that pinning jeans or rolling them comes back with the shirts with shoulder pads - so attractive. NOT! I don't know if my ankles have recovered from pinning jeans yet.

    I like the vest and can't wait to see your redesigned vest with some of Lindsey's poppies :o)

  17. Love the vest!
    I hated to see leg warmers go...drum roll please----- they are back!
    Pinstriped blue jeans are back too???
    NOT sure about that one,(smiles)