Friday, September 5, 2008

savvy hubby

i did it!
i added the slide show gadget to the blog without my hubby's help!
so now you know, he helps me do just about everything on this ol' blog.
i am not computer savvy, but he is.
in fact he is savvy with EVERYTHING
"Michael could you build me a sewing table in the laundry room?"

"Michael i think a puppet theater would be a great Christmas gift for the kids."
"Hey Michael, how about a teeter- totter this Christmas for the kids." Michael in your spare time could you photograph this couple at church that are due to have a baby, we need photos for an invitation.i lOVE him (and you can see why he doesn't need, or have time for a social network).

see pics from our weekend in S.L.O. on the right


  1. Continue to count your blessings! Melissa

  2. you rock neighbor! i need to figure out how to do that - i am so not computer savvy!

    your hubs is so handy - what a gift !

  3. HA! He is never going to live that one down, is he??? So now we know, he is not really "anti-blogging" if he is HELPING you with yours!!! :)

    I think I need to borrow him for a few months over here... we have a rotting swingset that needs to come down, AND could he please build us another one while he's at it? Pretty please?

  4. My husband gets lots of requests like that, too. It's what he gets for having more than his share of talent and ability!

    Totally laughing about the social network thing...

  5. My husband does the same for me! He whips out picnic tables, counters, cedar fencing in the backyard. All I have to do is ask. Are we blessed or what?

  6. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He's so talented!

  7. "Michael, I need to make a bench under my bay window in the kitchen so I can use it for storage and pull the table up to it so we can fit more people, like the Joneses, who come over for dinner or a Christmas party."
    Did it work?

  8. the sewing table turned out way bigger and better than i had imagined. great job!