Tuesday, September 2, 2008

when did he grow up?

as i type noah is on the phone with his good buddy nicholas. they're just talking.
when did he grow up? when did he get to talking on the phone age? is 10 talking on the phone age? it's harmless, they are talking about legos and mega blocks.


  1. morgan talked with her friend Emily from MN last night for almost an hour- about harmless things like their favorite foods, music, etc... it seems so grown up.

    they just grow up far too fast....

    btw- i was going to post about morgan's little phone conversation later this week

  2. Oh, I'm not looking forward to that! Pretty soon he'll be asking for a cell phone!

  3. I also have a ten year old son, but he has aged years since school started. He now says he is "dating." Which amounts to sitting next to the girlfriend at lunch. It is amazing how fast this has happened. Melissa

  4. Nicholas wanted to clarify that they also talk about technology, not JUST Legos and Megablocks.

    Before we know it, it will be cars and cute girls (like Emilie!)