Wednesday, September 3, 2008

life schooling

like any school, home schooling has it's good days and bad days. somedays i dance as my 3 pupils work diligently, but there are days when i sound like a broken record playing the same tune over and over, "pay attention, do your work, sit down." on these days i want to pull my hair out and scream!

i am attempting this school year to be more proactive about our school days.
here is a quote from linda at "thoughts on these things."

"If i am not
proactive, we'll end up reactive, and the whole scene can become quiet unattractive."

so that is my goal- to avoid reactive, unattractive, home schooling mommy days.

i have already shared about car schooling, my attempt to be proactive when we are on the go.

here is another way i am being proactive-

life schooling.

this year i am asking individuals from our community to share their lives with my kiddos.
i have asked these individuals to give 3 hours of their time, to share their lives, and a skill with my children.
where am i during this time? ALONE, getting a much needed break.

this week my kids spent time with one of our favorite people ever dave pounds!

with dave, they learned about, and worked in a garden.
dave taught them about pollination, propagation, and germination.

did you know that a strawberry plant can propagate in 3 ways; #1- is to plant seeds directly from the strawberry, #2- there are runners which grow off of the plant and drop roots into the soil growing more strawberry plants, #3- the one plant can divide into 5 or more runners (if this makes no sense to you then you need to go visit dave).

from dave's garden my kids tasted things they would never taste with me like rubarb and black eyed pea pods.
they also learned that corn-silk is the name of the hair at the top of the corn husk, and that each strand of silk forms one kernel of corn. if a corn-silk is not pollinated than it will not grow a kernel.

dave gave the kiddos this huge pumpkin!
dave has also become well known for telling jokes. here are some he had ready to share with the kiddos-
Q- "what if all the women in the u.s.a. were named paula?"
A- "then this would be a paula-nation."
Q- "what if all the cars in the u.s. were pink?"
A- "then this would be a pink- car- nation."


we HEART dave!

i look forward to next month's life schooling days, the kids are going to learn about horses.
future plans include learning to play tennis, making candles, and sewing.
the possibilities are endless! i am grateful for the relationships my children will form with people who will invest their lives in them.
what a blessing!


  1. you are so creative my friend! i LOVE this idea. now you have me thinking.....

  2. For days I've been meaning to leave a comment and the week has just flown by with new school year busyness!!

    Glad to be reminded of my own quote... I need to do that these crazy days!! :)

    We were at Avila beach on Monday.... looked for you!! :) My husband thinks I'm silly!

    And I liked Dave's silly jokes!! My favorite corny joke of all time is Why did the French blow up a kitchen? They wanted to see Linoleum BlownAparte! :) hehe

  3. That is awesome! Love that. So much to be learned that way.

  4. Hey there. I found your blog from Jen's blog over at Gathering Grace. I am a homeschooling mom of 3 too. I love your blog. I really love your quote about being proactive so that nothing becomes unattractive. I think I will print it out and put it on my refrigerator.

    Lifeschooling - what a G-R-E-A-T idea. I love it!! I hope you have lots of fun while your kids are lifescooling.